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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Show me what you can do.

Here is one of my favorite new stamp sets.  It's Layered Labels.  When I look at this I can picture it done in beautiful pastels but when I try to do it I come up blank.  So I'm waiting, not so patiently, for someone to blow me away with this stamp set.  In the meantime here's my effort.

I may not be able to do anything tomorrow because today it was so cool that I couldn't pass up the chance to do some weed wacking.  So I wacked for a couple of hours and now I'm really sore.  It really doesn't take me two hours to do my yard but there's a path through the woods between my house and Ted's and it really needed to be cleaned up. 

When I was draggin the electric cord towards the woods I found these little guys sitting on the ground.  Don't know where they came from because I couldn't see any nest in the tree above them.  Mom and Dad have been around all day.  Hope they make it through the night.

And here's a wild flag that I found in the woods.  They are so pretty.  Not so pretty is all the poison ivy that's growing there.  I need to find some weed killer and see what I can do. 


  1. Well you have blown me away with YOUR card Lynn!! This is beautiful. Love the layout, colors, and the added pearls make it gorgeous. This one is a CASE for sure.

  2. Now Sandi, I'm waiting to see what you can do with this. I just think it's beautiful but I can't seem to get it down on paper.