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Friday, May 18, 2012

Business card holder

Yesterday I showed you pictures of the business cards that we made at my downline meeting.  And then I posted a few of them on Stampin Connection.  That's a demo only website where we can share ideas and photos.  Well, I got kind of worried because someone asked me where I sent them to get them approved.  So this morning I called demo support and as long as I didn't use the Stampin Up! logo I'm okay.  I was so relieved.  I don't want to get in trouble with Stampin Up!
Anyhow, here's the little box to put the cards in.  It's made the same way as the big card box that I showed you last Friday.  This is exactly why you need the Simply Scoring tool and the diagonal plate.  Here's some more pictures.

When your using the diagonal plate you can put these little markers in to show you where to score.  The dark ones I colored with a sharpie.  So the dark ones are for two opposite sides.  Score at 1 5/8" and 2 1/8".  Then score the other sides at 2 5/8" and 31/8".  I drew on the score lines below so you can see what it should look like.

Now you're going to cut off the two triangles on each side.  I only did two sides in this picture so you can see what I'm talking about.

There are little tabs left where you cut off the triangles.  Cut these so that they fold towards the small flap.

Cut off the point on one of the large flaps and adhere sticky strip to what will be the inside of the box.  And now you'll have to go back to last Friday to see how the box looked when it's put together because I forgot to take a picture of it today. Don't you just love forgetful people? 

And here's one of my finished boxes.  I did another one where I just put one of my cards on the outside.

The Simply Scoring tool is a wonderful addition to your stamping supplies.  You can make a box any size that you want.  I just started with the size for an envelope that is ???   Hmm.  I was going to tell you but I can't remember where I got the size from.  I think it's with the instructions that come with the diagonal plate but since I can't find them right now I'm not sure.  I've always said that if I were organized I'd be dangerous but there's not much chance of that.  Anyway, somewhere I found the instructions for an envelope that is a little bigger than 2 x 31/2".  Then I decided that I wanted my box to be about 1/2" thick so I just added 1/2" to the dimensions and then added a second score line on each side that was 1/2" beyond the first score line.  So if you've figured this out so far you should be able to make boxes of any size.  Maybe I can get someone to take a video and I can post it online.  It's really not to hard to figure out.  If you have trouble with it come and see me.  I'll be glad to help you.

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