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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making business cards

In our Stampin Success magazine last month there was an article about making your own business cards.  I decided that would be a good theme for a downline meeting so this morning we made business cards and a holder to put them in.  Here's a few examples.

It was so much fun to see what everyone came up with.  Now I want to see what you can come up with.  I also made a box to put them in and tomorrow I'll show you the box.


  1. Oh, oh -- I new I should have read the whole magazine!! I missed this article, so I am assuming you did these in MDS? Great idea and I think they are too nice for business cards. Now I have to give it a try. I hope mine come out half as nice as yours, and I would be happy.

  2. Oh no, we did these by hand. I have MDS but I still am not proficient with it. The only problem we had is that my printer would not take the business cards so we printed them on regular card stock and then cut them apart. It was a lot of fun once my brain got in gear.