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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

check in day at convention

The theme for convention this year is "Grow"  Grow your business and downline.  So the theme is anything that grows in a garden.  I don't know who comes up with these ideas but they're awesome.  First there were these big wooden flowers around the area.

And there were these huge baskets of flowers.  We could each have one to plant if we signed up to recruit one person by August 14th.  So I signed up and now someone has to decide to join Stampin Up! with me.  Do you want to?  Just let me know and next year you could be going to convention.

These cool vines and flowers are all made of card stock and were "growing" on an arch way into the display area.

Here's just another garden vignette.  These aren't the best pictures.  I think my camera is dying.

Just some more garden.

These little potted plants are so cute.  I think everyone needs a pot of flowers.

Well, there's lots more pictures but I'm done for now.  I'll post more tonight if I have time.  Or maybe I'll put an albumn up on Facebook.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Lynn -- I can't imagine what these must look like in person. Those big wooden flowers would look awesome on my porch -- maybe they will raffle them off like they did the aprons last year???? Only one problem. Where is the picture of your Convention Bag???? Stamp sets???