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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, it's much cooler this evening. We went to P.F. Changs for supper and just before I got there it started to rain. It looked really bad but while we were eating it cleared up and cooled off. The next couple of days are suspose to be only in the low 80's. For Salt Lake that's really cool.
I didn't get started as early this morning as I had planned. By the time I got to the Salt Palace there was quite a long line for Momento Mall (the place where we spend all our money). So I decided to check in and get my bag first. BIG Mistake. By the time I came out to the line again it was way down the hall at least three times as long as it was when I first got there. So I decided that I was going to wait. From the time that I got in line until I checked out (much poorer) it was four hours. But I got some really cool stuff. But there were limits on some of the items so you know that I have to go back tomorrow.
Then I decided to wait for Ronda because I knew that she at least was getting some awards. Both she and Melissa Roberts are going to Founders Circle. That's a special retreat for the top 100 demonstrators in the company. Tomorrow night at awards night they will both get to go up on stage. Ronda has been in the top ten for at least 8 years and the last two years she was number one. I belong to a geat group.
Then it was back to the hotel to put my stamp sets together so I'll be ready for make and takes tomorrow. And it was a good chance to sit and let the a.c. blow on me.
Now I'm just winding down and relaxing at the hotel. Tomorrow morning the excitement starts. The first official day of convention.

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  1. glad your having a good time and that it cooled down for you. It is going to get hotter hear, 90 by Sun.