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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a mess.

I've got a king size mess in the Paper Palace.  And I'm exhausted.  But on the other hand I've found a ton of things that I haven't seen in a while.  But got to get it under control so I can have stamp camp tomorrow.  I'm hoping that Garret will come over for a while and help me carry some of the heavy stuff.  And tomorrow is the day so here's one more stocking card. 

Well, bummer.  I saved this card off the internet somewhere and I didn't know it would be so small.  It's a really cute card with the stocking punch used to make ice skates.  I have not seen the punch used this way before but I will definately be making some cards with ice skates. 
Well, gotta go haul in some more stuff.  At least it's been a beautiful afternoon.


  1. I just saw this card today on LNS and totally loved it. If you go to Judy Marshall's blog you can see a bigger picture (http://www.judyscraftroom.blogspot.com/). Plus she has written how she created. I will be casing this for sure!

  2. Thanks Sandi, I just saved the picture and didn't pay attention to who did it. I'm going to check it out.