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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm so tired

I didn't post last night because I was to tired.  I'll almost be glad to get home so I can get some sleep.  Today is the last day and we're going to the Animal Kingdom.  And then tonight we've got to get our bording passes printed, make arrangements to be picked up, get all our packages from the gift shop and pack my suitcases.  I know I'll make it but I'll never make plane reservations for so early in the morning again.  I won't post any pictures today but if you go to Facebook I'm going to put up a Disney album.  And then next week hopefully I'll get back to Stamping.

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  1. LOL - now you know why I stayed back at the house one day, while the kids went to the water park!!! And I thought you already had that down pat with not getting early flights -- I had to learn my lesson also at first convention!! Sounds like you are have just a totally awesome time tho, so worth it -- you can catch up when you get home.