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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas ornament

Here's a cute little Christmas ornament or a package tag.  First of all you'll need the two tag punches.  Now punch out eight shapes like the ones above.

Now your going to glue these shapes down onto some paper or cardstock.  You can use any colors or prints that you like.  This is some of last years DSP.  This is also beautiful in silver glimmer paper on velumn.  Anyway, you glue the first four pieces down in a square like above.  Line up the angles at the top of the shape.

Now your going to add the second layer of the last four tags.  Line them up like the picture above.  Check the bottom of the tag and try to keep them even.

Here's the two layers of all eight tags glued down to the paper.

Now it's time to start cutting off the part that you don't want.  I'm not sure how to explain it but your cutting away the bottom of each tag leaving the points. 

And here's the final product all cut out.  It's really quite simply.  Once you've tried it you'll probably want to make a bunch of them.  One little hint.  You don't need to put glue on the bottom of the tag because your going to cut that off anyway.  So now you have a tree ornament or a package tag.

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  1. Another great post that I almost missed!!! Will you come over and put some tutorials together for me -- you do an awesome job! I haven't seen this before, so I made a PDF of the instructions to save for next year (unless I have to make a few more last-minute things). Very pretty!