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Monday, November 21, 2011

Home at Last

Finally got home last night about 8:30.  But of course we didn't come right, straight home.  We got into Detroit Metro about 1:20 and then I wanted to go to IKEA.  You know how it is.  We're close, so we should go.  Besides, there were some things that I wanted.  Like some 4 drawer dressers that are going to be the bottom part of my storage system in the Paper Palace. Oh, and Kris got the floor done while I was gone.  It's now a nice light sand color with darker sprinkles in it.  Anyway, back to IKEA.  I was so tired that I couldn't think straight so we took a break and went to Chili's and got something to eat.  Back to IKEA.  Got the dressers ordered and they'll be here tomorrow.  So instead of moving things back into the Paper Palace I'm going to be trying to find someone to help me assemble the dressers.  But it will be so worth it when everything is put together and things are moved back into place. 
I'll post the rest of my Disney picture today on Facebook.  You can go there and look at them.  I just need to find a flat place to set the laptop up. 
NOW, on to Stamping.  Today Stampin Up! announced a big shopping extravaganza in time for the holidays.  Just go to my Stampin Up! web pager here   www.lynnschulz.stampinup.net   and check out the great deals.  You can order online or let me know what you need but this is a time sensitive offer so be sure to check to see when things are on sale.  Some things are only offered for 24 hours and some are for a few days.  And some things are up to 60 % off.  What a deal.  I'll try and highlight different things each day.  So here's the first thing to know.  The Simply Scoring tool and the Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps are 20 % off on Nov. 21st only.  That's today so check it out.  If you've never seen the Simply Scoring Tool it's the greatest thing for scoring paper.  It makes everything so much easier so think about it.

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