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Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'm of two minds today about what to post.  Regina and I put one of the dressers together today and I love it.  Then I had to leave to go to Chesaning and just when I was ready to leave she came back with Garret to work some more.  Then she said that Todd came and helped them and when I got home all the dressers were put together and they're wonderful.  So here's some pictures of the before and after of the Paper Palace.  Of course now I have a lot of sorting to do and putting things away. 

You can't really tell the difference in the floor from these pictures but now it's a nice sand color with light and dark sprinkles in it.   And tomorrow I'll post the Christmas ornament that I made today.

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  1. Wowzer!!! I can't believe that I missed coming to your blog 2 days (first time ever) and you put these pictures on finally!! First, I thought you were only buying 2 drawer systems, 2nd, I cannot believe how much room you have in your studio -- it is huge!!! Love, love, love the new look, can't tell it is the same room. Tomorrow I am showing these pictures to my DH so he can see that there are people out there that have tons more SU than I do!!! Thank you Lynn for finally posting these, well worth the wait.
    Hugs, Sandi