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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's early Thursday morning.

It's early Thurs morning and I never posted anything last night because I didn't have any pictures to show you and it was late when we got back to the resort.  Laurel, Connie, Julie, Rolayne and I spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon.  Donna had a headache so she just hung around the resort (also, she doesn't like the water).  Diane went to Universal with a friend of hers.  What a sweetheart.  She brought me some Harry Potter pins for my collection.  Someday Garret and I are going to go there. 
Rolayne went into the wave pool with me but after she got knocked down twice she gave it up.  We all had to go the the Pearl Factory and get a pearl.  We each got a fairly big one and Laurel's was blue.  We decided to head back to the resort about 4:00 and Diane got there about the same time.  We had a quick shower and then headed to Downtown Disney for supper.  When we got there Diane and Rolayne decided to go for a hot air balloon ride.  The rest of us chickens just sat and watched.  Diane loved it and Rolayne looked a little green when she got off.  We went back to Planet Hollywood for supper because Connie had a card from one of the waiters that offered immediate seating.  We got to sit in a small little alcove all by ourselves.  It was good because the music wasn't quite as loud.  Today we're going to Epcot.  Maybe.  I ate a chocolate bar late last night and it didn't really agree with me.  Anyway I hope that's all it is. 

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