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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Workshop

Before I get to the pictures I have a question.  I use a digital camera and for some reason it doesn't focus in very good any more.  Do you know if a digital camera can wear out?  Maybe the electronics wear out?
Anyway, here's the rest of the stuff from the Halloween workshop last night.  First is this cookie jar.  It's just a clear glass jar from Walmarts with decor elements on it.  So easy to do.

Next is these little candy treats.  On the left is a mini candy bar with a standard address label wrapped around it.  You can use a wheel or just stamp right on the label.  This is the crow from Graveyard Gala.  The one on the left is a peppermint patty with a topper.  It's not a York pattie.  They don't wrap them so that they're round anymore.  How dare they.  Don't they know that I use them for crafts.  This one is an off brand from somewhere.  Anyway, the topper is just anything that is small enough to fit in one of the circle punches and then put on a scallop. 

 Don't ask me where I got these little test tubes because I don't remember.  I was at a stamp convention but I don't know what company made them.  This was the only way I could think of to display them.  A rack like the one pictured in catalog would be  nice but I don't know where they got that one.

 They two are really simple.  The one on the left is the milk carton die and the one on the right is the pillow box die with a bat punched out and a piece of vellum behind it.  A clear piece of window sheet would have been better but you know how it is.  I couldn't find any in my stash.

 This is an old idea.  It's just a toilet tissue tube covered with tissue paper and then decorated paper wrapped around it.  Maybe it goes without saying but please always use wrapped candy for this idea.  I had a customer who just dumped M and M's in the tube.  I don't really think that's the best idea.

 This is one of our new mini lunch sacks with just a picture stamped on it.  You could really step this up with lots of trim but I was getting in a hurry.

 This is a gum wrapper that I copied from Kimberly Van Diepen.  Someone asked me what the red star has to do with Halloween and it doesn't have anything to do with Halloween but it added a little glitz to the wrapper.  You can't see it real good but there's a ribbon that goes under the gum holder and then you just pull the ribbon up to get the gum out.

 This was a jar that I had on hand.  Let me tell you , it's not easy to get paper to stick to glass.  First I used snail and it came off.  Then I tried sticky strip and it came off.  So then I used the anywhere glue stick and so far it's still on.  Of course it can't be washed and saved but at least it can be taken off and the jar can be used for Christmas.
 If your having a party then these cute drink holders will be a big hit.  You could use one that you get at a fast food place but they already have writing on them.  This one was ordered off the web and then decorated.  I love the designer series paper on it. 

 Since the focus of the workshop was the decor elements I had to demo how to put them on so I got this plain white mug at one of the big box stores.  I think if you wash the mug very carefully then the decor should stay on for quite awhile.  I'm going to find out.

When your decorating for a party then decorate anything you can.  This is just a tissue box but isn't it cute.  The designer paper isn't wide enough to go all the way around so I pieced it and I really liked it with different designs on it.

And here's my little haunted house.  I decided that it's just going to be a cute little witches house.  So except for the spiders in the windows it's just a cute house.  The little ghosts are the easiest thing to make.  Just use the new owl punch, turn the body upside down and trim the feet off and you have a ghost.  How cute is that?  All in all it was a good workshop and I can think of so many other things that I could have done.  My niece was very pleased with everything and she's having a party at her house at the end of the month so I'm still trying to think of other things we could decorate.


  1. WOW, and I thought I had prepared a lot of projects for the Definitely Decorative workshop I gave! Your hostess must have been in seventh heaven when you set up. Beautiful projects Lynn. I love your ghost house. I still haven't gotten one yet, but plan on buying and decorating for Christmas. My fav's are the cookie jar, coffee mug, test tube box, and house (sorry, they all tied for 1st place). I love using the Décor Elements on glass!

    See you Sunday!

  2. Love all of your projects, Lynn! You really out-did yourself, my friend :) Can you tell me where you found the drink boxes? Those are just too cute!!