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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rubber Queen meeting

Last night was our regular monthly meeting for the Rubber Queens.  We always have a raffle and last night I won three of the baubles that are shown in the new mini catalog.  The first picture shows them on my Simply Adorned necklace so that you can see the size.  My charm is 1" by 1 1/4" so you can see that they are really big. Much bigger than I thought.  Now I want to get some more so that I can have matching ones on each side of the charm.  Thank you Ronda for picking such great prizes.
The second picture shows the insert that I just put in for Halloween.  It's just a spider with a little thwacking around the edges.  I put a drop of crystal effects on the spider's body so it's nice and shiny.

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  1. Oh my gosh Lynn, that spider looks so real!! I've got to do something like that -- but then I would have people beating on my chest trying to kill it!! I had fun last night and loved the baggie books!