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Friday, July 23, 2010

Still here at convention

Well it's still hot here in sunny Utah. I'm not going to post many pictures until I get home because trying to load them using my little card reader is so hard to do. I need to study the instructions a lot more.
So far we haven't seen any new things but all of the stuff in the Holdiay Mini is here and we've seen it and played with it and now I have to have it.
Here's a couple of pictures of some Halloweeb decor made with things out of the mini. They're so cool I might have to offer some type of Halloween class. What do you think?
Aren't the white pumpkins cute? They have decor elements and some of the new jewels on them.
Do you like the skeleton paper chain. You can't see all the bling but believe me it's there. And the tree is wonderful. It's an advent tree. There's a little treat for each day of October leading up to Haloween.
Last night a bunch of us went to the Macaroni Grill for an early supper. Wish there was one of those around home. Then we changed our clothes and went to awards night. Our Rubber Queen leader, Ronda Wade, is # 17 in the whole company. She said that it was her best year ever because she started a training business this year for demo's and 14 of her trainee's received awards last night. Way to go Ronda.
Right after all the awards were given out they had entertainment. But I was so tired that Sandi and I just came back to the hotel. I put my pj's on and I never heard another things until about 5:00 this morning.
I did get to do one thing that no one else in our group got to do. I went to breakfast with Shelli Gardner. Me and about 200 other people. I was because I had a recruit in the last three months and I belong to the recruit crew.
Tonight after classes I went to a Mexican restaurant called the Blue Iguana with Brenda and Dianne. The food was terrific and they had a mariachi band playing. Then they went to the Brighton jewelry store but I came back to the room and now at 9:44 I'm going to get into bed and call it a day. More tomorrow.

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