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Friday, August 9, 2013

Thinking about Christmas gifts?

Do you like to be ahead of the game and have all your Christmas shopping done early?  Or are you like me and love the last minute rush of shopping?  I don't usually wait until the last minute to do my shopping but I love to go shopping and enjoy the hustle and bustle.  But if you like to be ready early here's something for you.  In the big book on page 158 you'll see the Tag a Bag Gift Bags and Tag a Bag Gift Boxes.  If you read the description of the boxes it say they come with an acetate sleeve.  They're food safe boxes and you get 8 for $6.95.  I wasn't real interested in them until I saw them in real life.  We got one in our make and takes at convention and let me tell you, the acetate sleeve is very heavy duty and the boxes are wonderful.  They are made so perfectly straight that it's amazing.  Here's a picture of the one that I got at convention.  We put a piece of card stock over the open top of the box and then slid the sleeve on.  And of course it needed a tag.  I love these boxes.  If you want to see it just come to one of my classes.
Here are the separate pieces.  I can't emphasize enough how nice the acetate sleeve is. It just doesn't show up in the picture good.

Tomorrow I'll show you the Tag a Bag Gift Bags.

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