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Monday, August 12, 2013

Tag a bag and a big mistake.

Here's a picture of the Tag a Bag bags.  Is that proper grammer?  Anyway when you buy the bags they are flat like the one on the left.  But at convention they showed us how to make them stand up.  There's probably a word to describe them but I'm drawing a blank.  They stand up like the grocery bags do.  So you can take any flat bag and change it.  I'll post the directions when I find them. 
And here's my big mistake.  Never lay your framelits down where you might lay your magnetic platform on top of them.  I think that's what happened.  I lost the framelit and decided to just keep going because I knew it would show up sooner or later.  So I ran the new piece of card stock through with the card maker framelit.  But when I went to do the next one it wouldn't go.  Wouldn't budge an inch.  Panic time.  I have card class next week and Creative Convention.  I have to have my Big Shot in working order.  So I looked it all over and there was something stuck in the rollers.  Well this is what it was.  It must have been stuck on the bottom of the magnetic platform.  I pulled it out and then tried cutting some card stock with it and the framelit appears to be usable but not flat anymore. 
So just a word of caution.  Always put your framelits down some place away from the magnetic platform.


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