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Friday, February 4, 2011

My fabric projects

For my Inspiration table at the Sale-A-Bration event last Sat. I showed things you can do with the new Stampin Up! fabric, Springtime Vintage and Sweet Stitches.  These fabric's are in the Occasions Mini.  This first project is a laptop bag.  I thought that it would be so simple to make with a pattern.  I've been sewing since I was 10 years old but the last few years the only sewing I've done is repairs and quilts.  So I was totally unprepared for the fact that I couldn't figure the pattern out.  I finally threw that pattern away and decided to wing it.  So this is just a quilted piece of material stitched up on the sides with a zipper on the top.  I used the Springtime Vintage to decorate the bag.  In this picture you can see that I put pockets on one side.  It would be nice with pockets on the inside too but I didn't put any there. 

 This is the other side of the bag decorated with fabric and the cool buttons that match the fabric.  Now I have a one of a kind bag that is totally feminine.  I offered to make one for my brother but there was no response.

 This next bag was suspose to be to carry mini's in but I measured it wrong so it's to narrow.  Oh well, I think a wine bottle will fit just right.

 And here's one of the simplest things to do with fabric.  Stampin Up! sells the adhesive that you just iron on the fabric.  Then just run it through the Big Shot with your favorite die and presto chango.  A new shirt.

 And a couple of years ago when Stampin Up! added the Sizzix to their product line we could get these cute Build A Bears at convention.  Well my bear was just hanging around in only an apron so I decided that she needed a dress.

 The only problem is that Build A Bear has a paten on the clothes and I couldn't find a pattern for teddy bear clothes that fit.  Then someone said that the American Girl patterns would fit, around.  They are way to long because the dolls are much taller than the bears.  So this dress is a top that I still had to cut about 2" off at the bottom.  But she looks much nicer with clothes.

 And here's a cute holder for all the little things that are always wandering around on my craft table.  This is made using a Simplicity pattern # 2450.  I had a little trouble figuring out the pattern but now that I've done one I know that it's really quite easy.  I just hadn't done much sewing lately.  This fits right inside a mug.

 This is what it looks like when it's laying flat on the table.  There's velcro strips to fasten it once it's inside the mug.  And I love this Tangerine Tango fabric.  It reminds me of Dick and Jane from my first reader in school.

I've got a few more pictures to show you tomorrow.

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  1. About time you showed these!! Love this fabric, and love your projects. Your laptop case and the cup organizer for your tools are awesome. And I never got to see Ms. Bear without her apron on, her dress is so cute with the 2 different fabrics together. I need to find that pattern to make the cup organizer -- I just "might" be able to sew that (maybe).
    Thank you Lynn for putting this on today,