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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Card Class

Here's a couple of cards from tonight's card class.  This first one is also the card that I did for the shoe box swap last Friday.
This card is made with the wonderful Greeting Card Kids stamp set.  I love this set so much that you'll probably get real tired of it before I do.
The card on the top is a straight copy of one of Tami Acherson's cards.  I love the feminine aspect of the card and the fact that it's so non traditional.  The card on the bottom is not a card.  We were up North and then it seemed like everything was so busy that I didn't have time to look for a three-d item so this is it.  It's a holder for a packet of drink mix that fits over the top of a water bottle.  Along with that there's a drink tag so that you can put your name on your bottle and no one else will take it. I saw this somewhere online but I don't remember where.

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  1. You did my favorite Christmas card so far this year -- great CASE Lynn!! I also loved your idea for the water bottle name tags -- maybe I can get some made for my reunion picnic I am doing for my family on Monday (it will save on the half-empty pop cans thrown away)! Great ideas.