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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I haven't been doing any stamping except for my convention swaps but here is a couple of cards from last card class that I never posted. These are not my invention. I copied them from someone. I need to pay more attention where I get these so that I can give people credit for them.
Today is the last day that you can order from the old Stampin Up! catalog so starting tomorrow I hope to have lots of stuff to show you from the new catalog. If you want a catalog just let me know. I have a pile of them just waiting for new owners. Tomorrow night is my "retirement party" where I hope to sell lots of my old stuff so that I can send in a big order for new stuff. Everyone needs lots of stuff. I don't know where I would be without stuff. But my house would probably be a lot cleaner. Oh well, someone will have a good time when they have to clean out this place after I'm gone.

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  1. Well as long as you are on a roll, you can do a couple hundred swaps for me!! Hey, I will replace the cardstock, should be no problem -- RIGHT!! Love your cards, sorry but you didn't case them from me. Ronda talked me into doing presentation, so hopefully I can get started on something tomorrow. If I didn't spend so much time going to blogs, I would be caught up!! Hugs, Sandi