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Thursday, June 10, 2010

More card class

I just love reading other people's blogs. My favorite, of course, are the ones by Stampin Up! demonstrators. And now that Stampin Up! has spread around the world there are people in other countries blogging about stamping. This morning I was on a blog and she was talking about items to make for craft shows. The first one she showed was a face washer lollipop. And yes, that is what she called it. She said to take a face washer, roll it up like a sausage and stick an icy pole stick in it so that it looked like a lollipop. It was actually a wash cloth and a popsickle stick. So then I looked to see where she was from and it turns out she is in Australia. So if you ever get to Australia and someone offers you an icy pole go ahead and take it because it's a popsickle. I know when I was in England they call it an ice lolly.
Anyway here's the last of the cards from card class.

And here's a beautiful magnolia blossom on top of a box. I'm going to demo this at our next Rubber Queens meeting and then I'll post the directions online. I got the instructions from someone else and I'll try and find her name so that she gets credit for this wonderful flower.

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  1. I can't wait to see your demonstration Lynn. Beautiful cards. Got your e-mail, just haven't had time to reply and it is on my broken PC!!