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Monday, October 5, 2009

Here it is October already and I finally decided that I need to do some landscaping around the paper palace. Doesn't that sound grand. What I actually did was to rake the dirt down level and started laying the paving stones for a path. I didn't get a lot done but at least I started. I'll keep working on it a little bit every day. I hope. I need to get someone to put up a yard light so that this winter we'll be able to see where we're at when it's dark. There's lights by all of the doors but they don't shine very far down the driveway.

Saturday I went to Tiger's birthday party but it rained so much that everyone had to stay inside. The theme was baseball. There was a big sign out in front of the house that said "welcome to Russell field, home of the Tiger". Then he spent the night with my sister and after church yesterday we went to Mickey D's for lunch. He liked the playscape but he's to little to climb up by himself and my sister and I declined to go with him. There was a little girl there who tried to help him climb up but she wasn't much bigger than him so she couldn't lift him. One of these days he'll figure it out.

Anyway here's the last of the make n takes from the Holiday Hoopla. This is a scrapbook in a box. Or I've heard it called an explosion box. This is what it looks like when it's open. You can put pictures on each square of color and the middle square lifts up for another picture.

And here it is shut up with the lid on. You can put a present inside and have it do double duty. It's perfect for a Christmas present.

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  1. Lynn, I totally love ALL of our make'n takes -- Ronda outdid herself this time. I especilly loved the explosion box (you should have heard me grumble and groon when I got to the table as I thought it would be so hard -- dah, it was so easy after I got started that I couldn't believe something this beautiful took so little time).