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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Odds and Ends

Convention was a blast and it was over way to soon.  But what a way to celebrate.  Everyone won a prize in prize patrol and 25 lucky people won every single stamp set in the Holiday catalog.  Alas, it wasn't me.  But I won a fabulous new product that I can't post a picture of because it won't be released until August 1st.  There are several new things coming this fall.
Do you like these little votive holders?  They're much prettier in real life and we'll be making these for the Christmas Gifts class.
Here's a picture that I took at the Riverton office.  This building is beautiful.  And it's decorated beautifully.  I love the fans under the mantle piece.

And Ronald McDonald came to visit.  Stampin' Up! is a big supporter of Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald came to thank us.  I've got the new Ronald McDonald stamp set.  We received it at convention.

And here's a really cute camper made out of card stock.  This was made by one of the artisan winners. 

Keep watching for more pictures.  I'm to tired tonight to post any more.  I was up this morning at 4:30 Utah time.  Kind of relaxing having lots of time to get packed and have breakfast.  Then when I got to the airport it seemed to take forever to get through security because their new style scanner was not working right and I had to wait while they fixed it because if I go through the regular scanner my knee sets the alarm off.  Finally got through security and started for my gate.  Got about half way there and decided that something wasn't right.  I had looked at the wrong boarding pass and was going in the wrong direction.  Finally got to the right gate and they were already boarding.  Got everyone on the plane and then we just sat there.  Finally we got the information that the plane was overloaded and they wanted four volunteers to get off the plane.  It took about 1/2 hour but four people volunteered and then we got under way.  Only problem was that I only had 45 minutes between planes in Phoenix.  Got off the plane in Phoenix at 11:40 and my next flight was suppose to leave at 11:45.  Checked with the girl at the gate and she said that I lucked out because the next flight was also running late.  Didn't get in the air until almost 1:00.  So by the time that I finally got to Detroit and got to the parking lot it was already after 8:00.  And I was starved because all I had to eat all day was pretzels and peanuts. 
But tomorrow will be better because I'm spending the night in Detroit and going to Ikea tomorrow. 

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