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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

 We're here in Salt Lake City enjoying the heat.  Well, kind of.  It's cool (73) this morning but of course it's only 7:35.  But yesterday it was 98 when we got here.  Sandi was ready to eat as soon as I got here so we went down to the restaurant.  After we gave the waitress our orders we waited about 1/2 hour and asked someone how long it was going to be and they said that the order was in and the cook was busy.  Well, we waited longer and noticed that people who came in after us already had their meals.  So we asked again.  Well, they couldn't find our order.  For some reason it never made it to the kitchen.  So our supper was free and we got vouchers for breakfast this morning.  So we're about ready to head down there.  And then we have to decide when to go to the mall.  I think we'll go this afternoon and then stay for supper.  Cheesecake Factory!!  I can hardly wait.  We went there last year and I was the only one who had the cheesecake.  It was wonderful.  Then tomorrow things get going.  Going out to the home office in the morning and lunch with Ronda in the afternoon and at 5:00 the doors open for our first session.  Well, we're going to breakfast and I'll take my camera with me and try to get some pictures.  Talk to you later.

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