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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas planner date change

Well, today I finally realized that there's no way I can have this class on August 8th so I've changed it to August 13th.  And here's a few pictures of what the planner looks like.  You'll get the planner, 3 rolls of washi tape and 3 sheets of stickers that you can use to decorate your planner.  All of this for only $21.00. 
The three sheets of stickers.

There are many pages already printed in the books.  This page shows the sections that are in the book.

Here's the calendar pages.  I only put Dec in my book because then I can use the book for several years.

There's a section for decorations.

A section for entertaining, which to me means recipies.

And of course the covers need to be decorated and this is how I did mine. 

Here's a picture of some cute cookies stuck in my book with washi tape.

And some home décor that I like. 
So let me know by August 8th if you want to take this class.  It's only $21.00 and it won't take long to complete.  It's quick and cute.

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