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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Downline Gifts

I'm going to convention in July and I've got some of my downline going and I've made some gifts for them.  These are for keeping receipts or coupons in.  And when we go to convention we need to save all of our receipts for tax purposes.  I have made these before but I just stamped something on them and called it good.  This time I decided that they needed to be a little nicer so I decided on shabby chic.  So here are three of them.  I need at least one more but I've got time yet.
Since I started these a week or so ago I have used some retired stuff on them.  I had to use the crown because we're the Rubber Queens. 

The binder clips keep them closed real tight and they fold flat so they don't have a lot of bulk to them.

The designer paper on this one kept ripping when I was trying to distress the edges but I kind of like the effect so I left it.  And now here's a quick tutorial and they really are simple to do.

Start with an 11 X 8 1/2" sheet of card stock.  Score it at 4 1/4" length wise and score it at 6" the other way.  Now score the outside long edges at 1/2" on both sides. 

Now cut off the longer piece that you just scored.  I hope the picture helps

Now you need to fold the cs in half and cut a piece out of the middle of the shorter end.  This is just so that it will close better. 

Now add some sticky strip to the edge piece that is left on each side.

And fold the bottom up against the top to form a pocket.  Do this to each side.  Now you can decorate the outside any way that you want.  Or I suppose that you could just leave it blank.  It will work just as well.  Be sure to decorate the binder clip too.  Sticky strip works best for that. 

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