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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christmas Ornament

Here's my version of the Christmas ornament that's featured on the front cover of the Holiday mini.  I was thinking about having a class for this but then I tried it.  Do you know how much work is in this?  You need to stamp 20 of each color ornament.  And then you need to cut them out using the edgelits.  It takes quite a while.  And then you need to make the rosette that's on the top.  So I guess I won't be offering a class but if you want to try this please let me know and we'll pick a time for you to come and make it 


  1. Well it was worth it Lynn!!! It is beautiful, and I am going to make one myself as soon as I get the product. Bring it to Ronda's so I can see up close.

  2. I'll bring it and it'll be fun to see if anyone else has tried it and what they think.