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Friday, July 20, 2012

Awards night at convention

One of the biggest thrills for people who win awards is Awards Night.  They get their prized announced and get to go up on stage.  These pictures are not the best because they were taken on the big television monitors.

Amy Frilici (sp??) won the Weekend Getaway.

Kim Vogel won the Weekend Getaway and was also a Rising Star.

Ronda Wade, Melissa Roberts and Tamie Ackerson won the Grand Vacation, which is a trip to Fiji.

And the best part was that Ronda was picked to serve on the Advisory Council again.  Here she's with Shelli Gardner, the head of the company.
We're having a great time but I wish there were more hours in the day.  By the time we get back to our rooms I'm so tired that I just go to bed.  Last night after the award there was a party but we only stayed long enough to get something to eat and drink and then we came back to the room.  But I have been taking tons of pictures so someday I'll get them posted.

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