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Friday, June 15, 2012

new gadgets.

I had such big plans for this week and here it is on Friday and my list is still way to long.  So I'm off for a day of shopping.  Does anyone know how to get rid of chipmunks?  At this stage I'd just as soon they were all dead.  I've tried all kinds of deterrent but they're making a horrible mess of my hosta beds.  Maybe they just like hosta's.  So today I'll check at Mennards and Home Depot to see what they suggest.  I'll try anything.
So here's a quick card to show you.  I know it's not the best picture but it shows two things that I wanted to show you.  The Finishing Touches edgelit was used to get the scalloped border and the Delicate Designs was used to get the embossed scallops.  If you decide to do something like this make sure that you do the edgelist first because if you do the embossing first then it gets flattened when you do the edgelit.  Does that make sense?  Emboss first and then cut. 

And when you look closely at this picture you'll see that I put it together backwards.  The embossed image is debossed.  I should have turned it over to get the embossed image.  It doesn't really matter and I love these new gadgets.  And by the way, they both come in a package with another item.  Two embossing folders and two edgelits.  I'll try and show you the others tomorrow.  Notice I said try.  But if it's going to be as hot as they're predicting I'll probably be inside all day so I should get it done.

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  1. I love this Lynn!! Can't wait to get my stuff on Monday. Had problems with PC and haven't been able to get on-line, so I have a lot of catching up to do!!