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Saturday, October 1, 2011

More of first day of convention

Here's some more pictures of our first day of the creative convention.  These are more of the display tables that are here.  This first one is Sandi Dailey's table.  She was showing the new background stamps.   Notice the banner on the front of the table.  She had suggested that we each do this and it turned out really cute.

Here is Sandy Haynes table.  She is showing the Big Shot.  On the left hand side of the table are really cute candy containers.  I'll show some close up's of those later.

Here's Tami Ackerson's table.  She is showing the new stocking die and punch.  Her table is so beautiful.  And she did a lot of this in the last couple of days.  She's like me and works best under pressure.  But she's under pressure a lot of the time.  She's Ronda's assistant and she cut and packed all the supplies for 80 ladies to do 24 make and takes and one Christmas albumn.  I'll show you the albumn sometime.  It was funny because I signed up for the convention way back in July and then totally forgot that I had signed up for the extra classes.  So Sandy Haynes and I were out by the pool relaxing and talking and Tami came out and asked us if we were going to do our albums.  I had forgotten and so had Sandy.  Needless to say I was one of the last ones done.

 And here's her banner.  It's beautiful.

And here's why this convention is such a great idea.  These are our guest speakers along with Ronda.  They were all in the top 20 demonstrators in the company this last year.  Maggie Patterson was # 2 in Canada, Laurie Krauss was # 13 in the U.S. and Ronda was # 11 in the U.S.  I think.  I might be a couple of numbers off but they were in the top 20 along with Tami Ackerson.  She also was one of the speakers.

Well, breakfast is calling my name but I can hardly wait until I have time to post something about the new promotions that are going on in Oct.  Your going to be so surprized.  Let me just hint that you can get the Big Shot FREE.  I'll let you know the details as soon as I find a couple of minutes free.

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