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Monday, October 3, 2011

Creative Covention Display Items

Here's the bag that we got at the Creative Convention.  Inside was the notebook and a bolt of ribbon and a sheet of rhinestones.  We used those for our make and takes.  And Ronda also gave us the bag tags and the charm for our scissors.

And now here's some pictures of some of the things that I had on my display table.  This first picture is of the Beau Chateau material. 

This next picture is the Flirtatious.  I got the pillow idea right off the internet.  Stampin Up! ads are popping up everywhere.  The slippers were made using a Simplicity pattern and they really do fit me.  The night shirt is just iron on's made with Big Shot dies.

These necklaces are made out of the beveled windowpanes and are what I demonstrated.  I really didn't think that hauling a sewing machine down to the convention would be such a great idea. 

And here's my favorite thing that I made.  I used the Timeless Portrait material and a pattern from Country Stitches.  The red tie is removeable so I can put any color tie in that I want to.   The check book cover and eyeglass case are from a Simplicity pattern.

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