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Friday, October 14, 2011

Lollies and the Simply Scoring tool

Well, Blogger is driving me crazy.  Why can't I move the first picture down so I can type above it?  Anyway here is a Halloween wreath that I made using some paper and the Simply Scoring Tool.  I was so excited at convention when I won this and then Ronda asked me to bring it to a meeting and demonstrate something.  Well, I made one of the big flowers and I decided that I probably wouldn't make any more because it was just to much work.  Now I've got to eat my words because I've been playing with it and I love making the lollies.  Maybe it's because these are smaller than the big flower that I did before.  So here's my wreath and some close up's of some of the details.  I've seen some on the web that are prettier but I like this one.  Next I'll have to try a Christmas one

Well, I had to at least try some Christmas lollies.  I don't really like the jingle bells on this one but I'll try something else instead of the bakers twine to put the bells on.

This is my version of one that is on the cover of the Somerset magaznine.  They had a much bigger snowflake but I don't think it was paper. 

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