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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

National Scrapbooking Month

May is National Scrapbooking Month and I know that I haven't done to much about it.  I hope that you've checked out the specials that Stampin Up! is offering for scrapbooking.  Click on the scrapbooking logo to the right and see what stamp sets you can get on special. 
I also thought that I would show you some of my scrapbooking.  These pictures are of my trip to England.  Which was in 2008 and I'm still not done with the book.  My style tends to be simple and more just get the pictures in the book.  I do think that journaling is very important.  Especially when it's something like a trip or a special occasion.  You need to think about what people will want to know when they look at your book.  Things like who, what, when, where and why.  So pretend that your a detective and your telling people what they need to know.  I tend to do a lot of journaling when a trip is involved because I'm probably the one who won't remember what was going on.  And I like to add some of the little souveniers that I've picked up along the way.  Things like receits, (don't you want to know how much money you spent) tickets and brochures.  I have even put money in albums when the trip was to a foreigh country.  I do have some English money that I'll put in this albumn. 

 This first picture is of Stonehenge.  I did several pages and one of the pages has a lot more jounaling on it. 
This second page is of Salisbury Cathedral.  Somewhere in this albumn I'll jounal the difference between cathedrals, abbey's, priorary's, minsters and nunnery's.  Do you know what the differences are?
 This third picture is of Bath Abbey.  When your journaling be sure to put down any of the things that you learned about a place.  For instance, I thought that the Abbey was kind of in a big open area because most of the pictures that I saw looked like that.  But it's right in the middle of town and there are lots of buildings very close to it.
These are just some scenes in Chipping Campden.  I just wanted to have pictures of all the things that we never see here in the states.
And remember that your pages don't always have to be a work of art.  People want to see your pictures to see where you've been and what you did.  So just get those pictures in an albumn and journal, journal, journal.  Someday you might not remember all the details.

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  1. It's so true about the journaling. I look back at a trip from 10 yrs ago and wouldn't have remembered the details otherwise.
    Great job!