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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Up???

I haven't been posting because I had surgery last Weds and now I'm in the nursing home doing rehab.  I thought that I could just do some surfing and find some great cards or projects that I could put up here but it just isn't going to happen.  I can't always get a good signal on my pc and that makes it really hard to do anything.  BUT, I'm going home on Friday so I'm hoping to get back into the groove.  I'll still be doing rehab but at least I'll be at home most of the time. 
Everyone keeps asking me about my level of pain but it's not really a sharp pain as much as really tired muscles.  Everything feels like my leg is really swollen and nothing wants to bend or stretch.  As Dolly Parton said, it's feels like I'm trying to pour 10 pounds of mud into a five pound sack. 
But it is getting better and I know that once I'm home everything will be better.  I can hardly wait to get back to my own bed.


  1. Take care and hope your recovery/rehab goes smoothly.

  2. I think you are handling the whole thing very well Lynn. I would be in the loony bin by now if I was stuck in a nursing home for a week. You probably only get about an hour's sleep at any given time and the food is probably rotten (LOL). Praying that you will be home, snug as a bug in your own bed tomorrow and feeling better every day. Hugs Sandi