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Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally got home on Weds. about 10:30 and decided it was time to post something here. The flight home was okay except we were held up in Chicago due to traffic in Detroit and then when we got to Detroit we ended up circling the city twice before we got to land. I was really glad to get home. But then I got up yesterday and had no water. So I thought that it must be really cold and the pump was froze. Turned the heater on in the well house. No luck. My nephew came over and crawled under the house and turned the heater on by the pipes. No luck. Finally decided that it was the pump and called a friend who knows about pumps. He checked it out and I need a new pressure switch. So he's coming back today to replace that.
I checked back on my blog and I never posted any pictures just of Phoenix so here's a couple. This one is where Dianne and I ate on Weds. It's called Cafe Joe's and we ate out on the patio. Very nice and the food was great. This St. Mary's church which is right next to the convention center. Very beautiful. We went inside and they still were decorated for Christmas.

These next three pictures were taken from our hotel room. These are all looking North away from the downtown area.

Now I need to get busy and put everything I learned into practice. But first I need to finish putting the Christmas decorations away. I didn't have time before I left and the tree is still up. Hopefully today will be a productive day.
My next post will have some of the swaps that I got at convention. We got a new stamp set out of the summer mini that is really beautiful but I'm not sure we're allowed to post pictures of it yet. I'll check it out and maybe post it. Take my word for it, it's beautiful.

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