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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Momento Mall items

Here's what you can do with Decor Elements. This car is in the Momental Mall and it's really sharp. And here's the back window of the car. I got a Decor Element to put on the side windows of my van. We'll have to wait and see how it looks.

Here's the shopping bags that they have this year. I got a bunch of them, They're bigger than the ones they had last year.

Tonight we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for supper. Can you belive it's the first time I've been there. Just had a burger but it was really good.
This morning we had the alarm set for 6:30 but I got up at 5:30 to go to the bathroom and that woke Dianne up and then we couldn't get back to sleep so we finally got up before six and we were still almost late gettin to the convention center. Tomorrow our first class starts at 8:30 so we'll have to get going a little earlier.
The weather here is beautiful. Warm, warm, warm. Having a great time.

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  1. Oh my gosh, so glad you snapped pictures of the car. When you told me about it, I wasn't too excited -- but now, WOW!! This is awesome for advertising. And those bags are soooo cute!! I love the design this year. I can tell by your words that you are having an awesome time -- we got tons of snow today!!