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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To Old???

So maybe I'm getting to old to do this.  Every day I think "I need to post something on my blog" and believe me I've got a ton of pictures that haven't made it on here.  But the next thing I know is 10:30pm and I'm just to tired.  So I think "I"ll do it tomorrow".  But as you all know, tomorrow never comes.  So now I'm thinking that since Halloween is the next big holiday and I've got a bunch of swap card that are Halloween I'm going to start posting them.  You're gonna get tired of Halloween.  Here's the first two.  I'm sorry that I don't know who did these but they're really cute.

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  1. Boooo!!! I have to admit, SU really came out with some really cute Halloween stamps this year. And you ARE NOT getting too old!! You are just busy, and have to prioritize.