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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tutorial for a 3-D star.

Have you noticed the 3-D stars on page 20 of the Holiday Catalog.  They're really cute and so easy to make.  I did a presentation at Ronda's Rubber Queen meeting on Tues and promised to post the instructions on this blog.  So here we go.  First I apoligize for the poor picture quality.  I should have put the stars on something dark instead of a white table.  Anyway, here we go.  Start with a piece of 81/2" X 11" piece of paper.  I always have a ton of scrap paper that I never throw away so I use that to start with.  Once I've got the star that I want I move onto the good paper.  So lay the paper down the portrait way.  Then fold the top down so it's even with the bottom.  Now fold the left side down again but do not fold, just put a mark where the 1/2 way spot is.  You can mark it with a pencil because it won't show up in the star.

Now it looks like this.
Now take the little flap on the upper left side and fold it over right on the edge of the last fold.  It should look like this.  

Now fold again right on the last fold line so that you end up with it looking like this. 

Now you're ready to cut.  Make sure that you start on the open side.  Start cutting where the paper meets.  Cut toward the point.  See the line that I drew on this one.  
You're going to save the piece with the point that you just cut out.  It should look like the one below.  You'll need to fold your lines just into the middle of the star.  The points should be folded up and the short lines should be folded down.

 Now it depends on how much you angle your cut what shape and size your star will be.  In this next picture I didn't angle as much and the star is a nice fat one.
 On this one I angled the cut more toward the point and the star is better shaped.  Unless of course you wanted a fat star.  If you want a smaller star just start cutting closer to the point.
 Here's some that I did at Ronda's meeting.  The green and red one I just cut one of my patterns apart and trimmed a little off and then used this pattern to cut out the DSP and adhered to the yellow star. 
Card stock is probably to heavy to fold so I just traced a pattern onto card stock and cut it out.  Then I scored from each point across to the short side opposite and then folded.  I tried to use the DSP stack that is shown on page 20 and it didn't work to find the middle of the side.  It worked just fine to measure down 1 1/2" and mark it.  Then fold to that point for your first fold.  I know that if you just take a little time and some scrap paper and play you'll be making stars in no time. 

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  1. Oh yah, another one of those "It's really easy" projects!! LOL Actually, I took a few mintues this morning before I read this post and was able to make one on my first try. Then I took a bunch of scrap paper and folded each step progressively on each sheet of paper so I had a pattern (who knows when I will have time to actually make these, so didn't want to forget). Thanks so much Lynn -- your presentation was great (as always), I just couldn't keep up because my brain doesn't work that fast.