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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Looky what I got.

St. Johns schools had an auction and Carrie got this magazine rack.  But then she couldn't find a place to put it at her house so she asked me if I wanted it.  It took a little while for the light to go on but I finally realized that it would be perfect for displaying my clear mount stamp sets.  I had them just piled on a table before and now I can use the table for something else.  Here it is.

There storage room underneath and right now that's where my old retired stamps are.  Can hardly wait for June when I can have a retirement sale.

And here's another card from card class.  You'll need to know who your going go send this card to if you want to add the letters.  And the school colors would be good also.  I know a couple of kids who are graduating from Ashley so that's why I chose these colors and letters.  And now I'm going back out to the Paper Palace to sort some more stamp sets. 


  1. What a great storage unit for your stamps!! I wish I had connections like that :) Love the card, too....wish those sets were still current!

    1. They're still current in My Digital Studio. I just downloaded them last week. It kind of fakes people out to see the old sets.

  2. I want one too! But I'd have to buy lots more stamps to fill it.

  3. You always find (or receive) the neatist things for your studio!! I too would love to have this, but then, I have absolutely no wall space left in my small room. I like how you personalized your graduation card -- never thought of that before.