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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upside down??

This is a card that I posted a while back but I wanted to show it again because there's a problem with it.  I made these for all my great nieces and nephews for Easter.  On Easter Sunday when the kids got their cards my brother took one look at it and asked why the carrot was upside down.  What do you think?  I even used this card in card class and no one told me it was upside down.  It seems that if your a gardener you would know that the green top grows out of the rounded end of the carrot, not the pointed end.  Oh well, the Easter Bunny that I deal with is a little different and he didn't tell me that. 

And here's another swap card that I got from kirsten Whitman.  It's really quite simple but so elegant.  And it's a beautiful Mother's Day card.  Mother's Day is coming up fast.  Are you ready?

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