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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I didn't post for almost a week and now I'm posting two days in a row.  Oh wait, it's after midnight so it's not two in a row but two days close together.  I took Garret to see Harry Potter this afternoon.  He didn't have school so we went to the 3:30 show.  The girl selling tickets assured me that it would be sold out but the theater was less than half full.  But it's a good show.  Very close to the book.  Now I just need to see when the next part is coming out.  It's hard to believe that we're almost to the end of Harry Potter.  It seems like he's been around forever.
Anyway here's a christmas card that I copied from Cindy Cicalo.  It's simple but elegant.  I've always loved Dasher. 

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