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Friday, February 12, 2010

Corners and borders

I guess it's finally time to add some instructions for using the new corner and edge punches. The first thing is that you need to have your paper cut to the right size.
So here are the sizes for the Scallop Trim punches.
1 15/16, 2 3/8, 2 7/8, 3 3/8, 3 13/16, 4 5/16 and 4 3/4.

Here are the measurements for the Pinking Hearts punches.
2 1/2, 2 7/8, 3 1/4, 3 5/8, 4, 4 3/8 and 4 3/4.

These are the sizes that worked for me. If you're a little off then you can just add a smidgen or go shorter. If you want rectangles then just pick two measurements and use them. A good idea that I read about is to make a set of templates and then when you are making a card you can just use the templates to see what size you want to cut your paper.
I think the biggest difficulty in using these punches is getting the paper into the corner punch just right. You want to be sure that you are exactly in the corner.
Punch all four corners first and then do the edges. If your paper is wide enough you can just line up the paper on the template on the punch as shown in this example.

However, if your paper is shorter and doesn't show on both sides of the punch then it's really easy to get it lined up wrong.

So the answer is to turn the punch over and check to see if the paper is lined up with the punch. Here you can see that the scallops are lined up right with the punch.

And I'm not saying that you can't line it up the first way but it just never worked for me. So have fun and if you have trouble you can always email me and I'll try and help you.

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