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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas memories book

My sister and I are going to a Christmas party tonight and I thought that this memories book would make a great hostess gift. The only problem is that I had never posted it here. I made this book at Ronda's scrapbook weekend back in Nov. I fully intended to post it but I get distracted so easily. Anyway, here it is now. This is one of Stampin Up!'s on board books. We used the Christmas simply scrapping kit to decorate it. On the inside of the book we made pocket pages by tearing a page halfway down, folding the top down to the bottom and adhering the bottoms together. Then turn the page and do it again so that there's a pocket on the next page. Adher the bottoms and then put a brad along the side, at the top of the folded down part. As clear as mud, right. This page has two pockets, one on each side. So you actually used three pages total to make this one.

Here's the back side of the page above.

Then divide the book and put in a few more pocket pages. On the tabs you could put the year and have a section for each year. Now you can keep track of all kinds of things, or you could have people write their thoughs and wishes for the new year in it. It make's a great gift for people who really are into decorating for Christmas because they can put pictures and write down how they decorated and if there's anything they want to change for next year.

Well, Laurel just called and said that she's ready to go so I'd better get my coat and get going. Hope your all enjoying getting ready for Christmas.

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  1. So funny, I posted mine on Late Night Stampers today for the 12-Days of Christmas Challenge. Still haven't posted on my blog. You did a much better job explaining directions than I did -- wish I would have seen yours first so I could have copied and pasted. I am going to keep mine and take it with me Christmas Day to my daughters and have a everybody post (I will prepare a list of prompt questions to give to them to get their brains working). It will be fun next year to see if they reach their goals (one of my questions). Have fun at your party, and hope you liked your presentation picture.
    Merry Christmas, Sandi
    P.S. If I didn't already tell you, I love, love, love your Xmas card -- you need to post on your blog!!