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Friday, September 25, 2009

This is another card from yesterday's card class. For some reason the color didn't come out very well. The green is Mellow Moss and it's actually much prettier than it looks. I really like this stamp set, Branch Out, because it can be used all year. If the leaves were green then it would be summer, if they were pastel it would look like blossoms on the tree and there's a snowflake stamp in the set for winter.
Well, tomorrow is our big Holiday Hoopla and I didn't get a chance to go and get fudge in Frankenmuth like I wanted to. You know that old saying, that old age creeps up on you. Well, take my word for it, sometimes it gallops and carries a whip. I was at the Dr. office twice last week because I had such a horrible cold. Well, on Weds. my left foot was hurting but I thought that I had just bruised it. On Thurs it was hurting worse but I was busy and didn't really think to much about it. Well, finally about 6:00 in the evening I took my shoe and sock off and my foot was red and swollen. So this morning I called to see if I could get a Dr. appt and they said that I could see a physician's assistant. I took it. She took one look at my foot and told me that I have gout. What? I'm not old enough. I don't eat rich foods. None of that matters. It is gout. She gave me two prescriptions and assured me that it's probably just a temporary attack and might not recur for many years. I can only hope. Well, it's time to get to bed so I can be bright eyed and busy tailed tomorrow. After the Holiday Hoopla I'm going to a wedding reception. Guess I won't be dancing much.

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