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Thursday, June 26, 2014

It seems like forever since I've posted here.  Actually it's been way to long.  I think my brain is to old to handle all the different activities that I've had going on.  I need to sit down and ponder what I really want to be doing with my time.  But don't worry.  Every time I think about giving up Stampin' Up! I realize that I just can't do it.  I love this stuff to much.
So here's a new project.  Project Life, making memories.  It's not a new idea but now Stampin' Up! has partnered with Becky Higgins to bring you some exclusive product.  Project Life is about half way between traditional scrapbooking and just putting your pictures in an album.  There are several different configurations on the pages.  Just pick your page and start putting the pictures in.  There's different size openings so you can fit different size pictures in.  Or if your picture is bigger and you only have small openings left then just cut the picture to fit into two different openings like the picture below. 
You can also add journaling in some of the openings.  We have a box of cards that you can purchase or just cut card stock the right size.  You can add tickets, programs, etc to your pages.  And if you are a traditional scrapbooker then you can decorate each picture before you put it in.  However you do it you just need to get started.  And if you need supplies or just some more ideas let me know.  I've got some more pages done that I'll show you later. 

Get those picture out and start imagining how they'll look when you get them into a scrapbook. 

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