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Friday, May 3, 2013

Last Friday I posted pictures of the cards that we did at card class using a method called "flash cards"  I found this method online and it's by Connie Stewart.  You should check her out on You Tube.  I decided to show my customers another way to use the flash card method making it just a little faster.  So we started out with an 8 X 10 sheet of paper.  (I've got these instructions all here, just maybe not in the best order so bear with me)  Instead of cutting this sheet into the size that we use first we stamped it all over with our design.  You could use anything that will look good stamped randomly on the paper.  This one is with flowers but we had a choice of flowers, butterflies, dinosaurs, feathers, leaves, baby booties and snowflakes.  So decide what colors you want to use on the card and start stamping.
Here's the pieces that I cut off to make my paper 8 X 10.  I used these to stamp my greetings. 

Here are the dimensions to cut the two layers that I used on the card.

Basically start with an 8 X 10 piece and cut it in half length ways and then each piece in half and then these four pieces I cut in half again.    Remember that I stamped it first.

Now for the sheet that I used for the backing layer it's the same method.  81/2 X 11 and cut it in half length ways and then each piece in half and then in half again. 

Here is my stamped sheet cut up.

Now here's an exciting part.  I cut the greeting out using the word window punch and then I cut the back out of the bottom layer using the Modern Label punch.  No one's going to see what you did because it's all covered up.  With me so far?

Here's the only scraps that you'll have left over.  So now just assemble the cards.  I used dimensionals to pop up the greetings.  And you can put the greetings on any way you want.

So here's my finished cards.  After you've done this a couple of times it gets really easy and you could probably make 8 cards in about 20 minutes.  I didn't time myself.  But I ended up with 8 cards using only 6 sheets of card stock and almost no waste.  We had so much fun doing these but I really wondered if it would go okay because I had a dream that the people all showed up for class and I couldn't find any paper.  For all of you who've been in my craft room you know how unlikely that would be.  There's tons of paper there and Laurel and Deb both have all of their paper there too.  Not finding any paper was a nightmare. 

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  1. This reminds me of when we used to do the "one-sheet wonder" cards. Do you remember that? I need to remember about punching for sentiment under the layer -- I always forget!! Cute cards Lynn!