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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Mice

We only have four little boys coming for Easter this year so I made them each a cute little Easter box.  Above is a close up of one of them.  The stamp is the single stamp "Ears to You" but I cut it apart so the bunnies are each separate.

Here are the other three boxes.

And then on Thurs at card class one of the ladies brought me four of these little mice.  So guess where they're going.  The mice are cherries dipped in chocolate for the bodies.  The head is a hersey kiss and the ears are slivered almonds.  They're sitting on a cookie dipped in white.  Thanks so much to Sue for these cute mice.

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  1. Happy Easter and Happy Late Birthday Lynn!! I just got on FB and saw you had a birthday. I never purchased the easter bunnies, but wish now that I had as you have done such cute projects with them (and they will still be available through July!!). The chocolate mice are so cute and making my stomach growl!!