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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas train

Here's a little train that I made for Ronda's Creative Convention in Sept.  My theme was Christmas Gifts and while the train isn't sturdy enough to play with it did have a lot of candy in it for the dispaly.  I don't have any dimensions for it.  I just kept playing with it and when something looked right I moved on to the next piece but maybe you can get some ideas from the pictures and the few hints that I have. 
This engine is made with a flat box for the base, toilet paper tube for the boiler, a box for the cab, peppermint sticks for the roof supports and some of the wood grain DSP for the roof.  The wheels are from the Jolly Bingo Bits.  I did make them several layers thick so that they're studier.   I also cut cardboard and filled the flat box that is the base.  I always save all my cardboard and this worked great to make the base study.   It really should have had a cow catcher and a bell but I ran out of time.

Here's a close up of the wheels.  I got the idea for the snowflakes and the peppermint candy from a train that I saw at Bronners. 


Here's the coal car.  Just an open box for the car and I filled it with black jelly beans. 

An open box car that I filled with Hershey Nuggets.  This car is a little taller than the coal car.

And a gondola car that I filled with the long Tootise Rolls it looked like a log car.  The tress are also several layers thick.   So while it really can't be played with much it would make a cute gift for a little boy.  Or even a big boy. 

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  1. LOL, you forgot about little girls -- I always loved playing with trains when I was young. You totally amaze me because you know all the "techno" language for the train parts ("cow catcher" -- really????). I saw this in person and these pictures do not even come close to how adorable it is in person.