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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yesterday was our regular carft day. We used to call this scrapbooking day and then it was card making day but now it's just craft day. Anyway, look at this dragon that Penny made. She didn't make it all yesterday but it's finally done. Isn't this just the cutest thing. Here's his face. (I think it's a boy?). Doesn't he have a lot of personallity?
And I did make some cards. Actually this one was about half made at our Rubber Queens gathering last Tues. We made the cute tea bag holder and then when I got my new stamps on Thurs there was this one about how a woman is like a tea bag and I just had to put a card together with it.

And here's a graduation card using the new graduation stamp set (don't know what it's called. I never seem to have my catalog near when I'm blogging). But it's using two of my favorite colors that are retiring. Summer Sun and Brilliant Blue. You'd better believe that I'll be stocking up on these two colors because they are both Ashley and Ovid-Elsie's school colors.

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