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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Love Today planner

I don't know about you but I love to use a planner.  When I was working it was a necessary item because I had so much to keep track of.  Now it's necessary because my memory isn't as good as it used to be.  I try to write down everything that I might want to do sometime. 
So here is the planner that I'm using right now.  It's from Stampin' Up! and it's on pages 12 and 13 in the annual catalog.  It's very sturdy and I love how they've put the gold metal corner protectors on it.  I had one of the gold floral stickers out of the pack on here but I must have rubbed it against something and the gold foil started coming off.  So I just pulled it all off and now I have a white flower.  
When it comes you have to put all the pages in but there's a guide to help you figure it out.  Each month has a divider page like this.  It's heavy vinyl so you can write on it or put stickers on it.  I've put a few stickers in mine but I'll probably do some more as time goes on.

Here's the first page of each month.  You can use the five different sections to keep track of different things.  Ex. milage, postage, etc.

Here's the whole month at a glance.  You'll have to put in the dates yourself.  This is so that you can start it when ever you want to.  I started mine with July because I didn't want to wait for a new year to use it.  There are refills available so you'll be able to use this planner for a long time.

Lets go back to the previous page.  I said that you could use it to keep track of things but I decided to just decorate mine.  So here my Sept page.  I think I'll try to do the rest of them with something of the seasons.  But this stamp set is great for creative people like Stampin' Up! demonstrators.

And it doesn't show up much but I added some stamping on the calendar page.  

And here's one of my favorite parts.  I didn't show you a blank page but here I decorated the daily pages with Washi tape.  I think it just makes it stand out more.  I added the up and down divider so that I can keep track of Stampin' Up! things on the left side and everything else on the right side.  I also think that from now on as I do more pages I'm going to try and use Washi tape that is color appropriate to the different times of the year. 

And here's some of the other items that you'll get with your planner.  There's a couple of pocket pages, some stickers, a couple of photo pages and some sticky notes.  And they all co-ordinate with the floral design of the planner. There's also a really nice divider that you can take out and move to a new spot to keep track of where you're at.  Well, guess what.  I've already misplace it.  I'll keep looking and it'll turn up someday.  I really think that if you like planners you'll love this one.

And a close up of some of the little stickers.

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