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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why do you need blendabilities?

Why do you need blendabilities?  First and foremost, for blending.  And they work great.  This is one of my first tries and I have gotten better.
And if you just want to color they're great because they color very even.  No streaks and lines.

Blendabilities work great on an embossed image.

You can color pearls so now you can match any of our colors.

Here is a metal button colored.

Or here is a white button.  And if you go over it more than once the color is more intense.  The top half of this button was colored twice and the bottom half only once.  

You can color on candles.

And one of my favorites, rhinestones.

Blendabilities will also color on cloth and wood.  So even if you don't want to try blending with them there are lots of other uses for them.  Mainly to make things match the Stampin' Up! colors.

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